'IDOLS' Open Doors.




October 28th is one of those days we will also remember. While a green hue filled the room and projections filled the ceilings, 'IDOLS' was the only way that made sense as the opening exhibit for, The Greens. 21, year old multimedia artist, Rannel Ngumuya, was inspired by the world around him to curate a show that explored 7 artist that have been idolized in popular culture. As a space built on access and collaboration, 'IDOLS' was a no brainer for us to house as not only an exhibit but Ngumuya's first art show. Attendees were able to hear first hand from Mr. Ngumya himself in the space as his works lined the walls of this 926 sq ft building tucked away in Columbia, MO.

With lemonade pouring, disposable camera flashes and music filling the space 'IDOLS' was an instant success. It was just the energy The Greens needed as an introduction to the Columbia community.

Shortly after the event the story was picked up for an online story published on HYPEBEAST. It was then that we knew we had something incredible on our hands.  


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.42.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.40.28 PM.png


7 Artist Celebrated in 'IDOLS' Collection:

Kendrick - Fears / Insp. by Song “Fear”
Chance the Rapper- Guardian / Insp. by Song “Acid Rain”
Jay-Z - Godfather / Insp. by Album 4:44 / Song “Story of OJ”
SZA - Dispatched / Insp. by Song / Video “Love Galore”
Smino - Stellar / Insp. by Song “Father Son Holy Smoke”
Rihanna - Fallen Angel / Insp. by “Anti”
Andre 3000 - Agony / Insp. By Songs “Roses” & “Ms. Jackson”

Curtis Taylor Jr