Louis Vuitton SS19 Show Recap



 Paris Fashion week has come to a conclusion and we’re now here to bring you a recap of one of the most anticipated shows in recent memory. Going into the week much of the fashion community was waiting to see how Virgil Abloh would execute his first show as the Creative director for the menswear section of Louis Vuitton. The result, a diverse, star studded debut filled with brilliant concepts and product.

The show began at 3:30 PM local time in Paris (around 9:30 EST), those who were up early enough were able to witness a historic show. The SS19 Louis Vuitton showing marked Virgil’s first as head of the Paris fashion house. An iconic figure in the fashion world, Virgil is the first African-American male to hold such a position. It was evident throughout the show that it was bigger than the garments and accessories. It was about diversity. From the runway to the crowd, Virgil was able to show the community what diversity looks like in the fashion world.

The runway was made out of a 200 meter gradient painting playing a direct role in the “Color Theory” concept created by Virgil. As models strolled a live band played instrumentals of Kanye and other relevant music artists. It was a great representation of the diversity that was included throughout the show.


Included in the crowd were world diagrams showing the birthplace of the models featured in the show, as well as their parents’ birthplaces. Virgil put in an Instagram post that it was essential to his show and provided context for the global view of diversity.  Also found in the crowd were the likes of Travis Scott, Takashi Murakami, and Jerry Lorenzo as well as close friends like Don C and Kanye West. The show itself featured models like Playboi Carti, Kid Cudi, A$AP Nast, and Theophilus London. The show was something like a melting pot of the culture, it was a show for the people by the people.

 In regards to the garments themselves, Virgil was able to continue the Louis Vuitton tradition and bless us with some amazing accessories. The concept of the collection was “Color Theory” which could be seen throughout the product. The collection featured duffles, handbags and other accessories in vibrant colors. Such as this bright yellow bag. Other accessories featured a metallic bag modeled by Playboi Carti and other, more muted bags. When it came to texture and detail the Abloh used technical textures and street utility, two noticeable trends from this years Paris Fashion week. Through his use of these trends Virgil was able to put his twist on the collection while also staying true to Louis Vuitton’s roots. He did an exceptional job of intertwining current trends with Vuitton classics. 


Despite Virgil being able to stick to Louis Vuitton’s roots, there were still members of the community who were unamused by his use of color, fabrics and details throughout the show. Others have commented saying that the Louis Vuitton collection was too similar to that of an Off-White collection. Moving forward it will be interesting to see how Virgil is able to distinguish the two seperate brands, especially with streetwear and utility becoming more prominent. How will he be able to adapt without losing much of the existing audience that a house like Louis has already? It will also be key for the new head of Louis Vuitton to continue to push the envelope. Although he made a great entrance as the new menswear director how will he be able to keep the momentum and continue to be a representative for a demographic that doesn’t have much representation to begin with.  

After much anticipation it’s safe to say that the Louis Vuitton SS19 show lived up to the hype. As the new menswear creative director Virgil was able to showcase his abilities and give us a glimpse into what not only the new era of Louis Vuitton, but the new era of fashion will look like. Just like us here at The Greens, Virgil was able to display the true power of one’s dreams.


Words by Joseph Woltke

Images courtesy of WGSN


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