By Curtis Taylor Jr



Camp was always one of those things we all wished we got to do but only a select few would know the joys of a summer getaway parent free and where the possibilities are endless. I remember watching Heavy Weights and Camp Nowhere being jealous of those kids getting to run around and not having a care in the world. Making this capsule was our moment to relive the feeling of experiencing camp, well minus all the bells and whistles.This camp still required using a bit of imagination.


This lookbook narrated the story between an uncle and nephew's day out with a Summer Camp theme. We know, summer had about 300 more kids and a lot cooler stuff. We did say you had to use your imagination. Here's to all the kids you dreamed about jumping onto the big blob and being thrown into the air.  

Dedicated to the kids everywhere who wanted to go to SUMMER Camp but never GOT TO.